The intelligent platform that empowers your business with AI, and advanced Mathematics.


Streaming data for flexible real-time system integration.

By utilizing advances in computer science, Elara creates a live connection to your business systems, regardless of how dynamic, disparate, messy or complex your data is.

Key Benefits

  • Extensive system integration regardless of the format, type, and source of your data.

  • Backed by distributed dataflow algorithms that provide full provenance and audit records of data.

  • Fully automated orchestration of parallelized ETL, AI, ML, mathematics, and analytics.


Automatic AI to create a live “Digital Twin” of your business.

Elara automatically applies AI to your data to create a digital replica of your business. The “digital twin” is able to automatically simulate your business, and even allow you to explore different scenarios.

Key Benefits

  • Get the benefits of fully automatic AI and ML without changing your personnel needs.

  • Understand the future with generative end-to-end simulation of your business, accurately from bottom-up.

  • Explore your business performance by making any change to your business “virtually” and seeing the result.


Advanced mathematics to understand full potential, and how to realize it.

Moving beyond simulation, Elara automatically applies “reinforcement learning” and “mathematical optimization” to your “digital twin” to understand not just the full potential of your business, but also the precise actions to achieve your full potential.

Key Benefits

  • Understand the full potential of your business performance, regardless of your objectives.

  • Know the precise actions to achieve the full potential, from operational to strategic decisions.

  • Equation-less advanced mathematics provides the benefits without the delivery risk and cost.


Seamlessly embed into your current systems and processes.

Interaction with elara extends beyond a customisable interactive web application,  elara can be embedded directly into your existing processes and systems to minimise disruption to your current business processes, and even to automate decision making.

Key Benefits

  • Embed interactive AI powered dashboards and applications into your decision-making processes.

  • Automate sending next best actions and other powerful insights into your current business systems.

  • Introduce your best decision-making, without disruption to your roles, employees, or skill requirements.

The secure, scalable, and cost-effective AI platform that you can trust to optimize your business performance.


With Elara data is stored within a secure cloud platform where you control the access. 


Elara is not a black box, all AI and mathematics continuously report their own validation. 


Elara can easily be adapted and configured to fit within your existing systems and processes. 


Elara uses cost-effective cloud infrastructure to suit enterprise data and complexity.

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