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EDK Core

The EDK (ELARA Development Kit) Core package contains Typescript Libraries to define

ELARA Digital Twin Templates.


The EDK Core package can be installed with npm within in a Typescript project:

$ npm install @elaraai/core

Library Usage

Library modules may be imported and applied to build Templates.

const source = new SourceBuilder("Source")
value: 2 * Math.PI,

const pipeline = new PipelineBuilder("Pipeline")
.transform(value => Multiply(value, 2))

// merge the two together
const template = Template(source, pipeline);
  • CLI: a CLI and Typescript Libraries to create, develop and deploy ELARA projects.


The EDK Core package is licensed under the EDK Licence version LICENCE-1.05, the full version of the EDK Licence is available


Release Notes

[Version 1]

Initial public release.