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Getting started

The following will provide an explanation of the key concepts of solving complex business problems with ELARA, followed by a worked example. For the purposes of demonstration, we will first define an imaginary business that we would like to optimise. Consider a retail gift store which assembles gift boxes from novelty items on-demand as customers wait. As a summary, the business:

  • buys supplies and combines them on-demand into themed gift boxes
  • sells the gift boxes in store across the counter
  • employs four people (all part-time)
  • pays utilities (rent, electricity, phone, internet, software, insurance) monthly

The following pages document all stages of defining and optimising the Gift Shop with ELARA, starting with creating a solution:

  1. Installation - a guide to installing the EDK CLI.
  2. Solution creation - a guide to creating a new solution with the EDK CLI.
  3. Enterprise schema - a conceptual guide to the ELARA solution schema.
  4. Structure concepts - a conceptual guide to the ELARA enterprise structure.
  5. Solution development - a guide to using the EDK to develop the solution.