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ELARA is comprised of the EDK (ELARA Development Kit) to create, develop and deploy ELARA solutions, EDK-IO to manage extended Datasource features, and the Execution Engine available as platform-as-service to run ELARA solutions.


We recommend using NVM Linux, or NVM Windows to install and manage npm installations. For example the following steps can be undertaken in Linux to install Node.js in preparation to use the EDK and EDK-IO.

$ curl -o- | bash$ ... restart bash ...$ nvm install 14$ nvm alias default 14$ npm install -g npm

The EDK and EDK-IO require a minimum version of node v14 as well as npm v7 in order to function.

Execution Engine#

The ELARA Execution Engine can be deployed as cloud or on-premises PaaS and is available for license by enterprise customers. Contact us to discuss obtaining a copy of the ELARA Execution Engine and license.


The EDK is a public npm package containing a CLI, API, and development libraries. The EDK can be installed with npm:

$ npm install -g @elaraai/edk


The EDK-IO package is also available containing a CLI and API for extended DataSource features. The EDK-IO can be installed with npm:

$ npm install -g @elaraai/edk-io


The EDK is licensed under the EDK Licence version 1.04, the full version of the EDK Licence is available here.


Once you have an installation of the EDK, you can create a solution. Alternatively, you can view the reference documentation for the CLI, the API modules and the library modules.