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Example solution that demonstrates the use of the EDK npm package to integrate with Shopify Admin API for a private app.


The solution can be built using the following command edk build.


The project will involve creating an application containing an Shopify plugin.

Adding application#

The whole application can be added with the following command edk add plugin --name "Application" --def_dir src/plugin. The plugin, a SuperUser and related environment variables are added as:

import * as ELARA from "@elaraai/edk/lib"
import { ApplicationPlugin, ShopifyPlugin, Const, EnvironmentVariable, Poll, SuperUser } from "@elaraai/edk/lib"
export default ELARA.Schema(    ApplicationPlugin({        name: "Shopify Plugin",        schemas: {            "Shopify" : ShopifyPlugin({                poll: Poll({ value: 1, unit: 'day' }),            })        },        users: [            SuperUser({                email: '',                name: 'Admin',                password: Const('admin'),            })        ],        environments: [            EnvironmentVariable({ name: 'SHOPIFY_API_KEY' }),            EnvironmentVariable({ name: 'SHOPIFY_PASSWORD' }),            EnvironmentVariable({ name: 'SHOPIFY_URL' }),        ]    }))


General reference documentation for EDK usage is available in the following links:

  • EDK CLI: detailed CLI usage reference and examples
  • EDK API: programmatic api for the cli functionality