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EDK Examples

The purpose of the EDK examples is to provide worked usage of all aspects of ELARA using the EDK npm package. The source code for all examples can be found in the edk-examples repository.


See below for the various project categories and corresponding links.

General projects#

  • Expression: usage of Expressions to manipulate streaming data values.
  • Events: usage of Events and explicit date properties to simulate common business processes.

Datasource projects#

  • File: usage of FileUri to create CsvDataSource, XlsxDataSource, JsonDataSource to create streaming Expression values from local files.
  • FTP: usage of FtpUri to create CsvDataSource, XlsxDataSource, JsonDataSource to create streaming Expression values from remote files.
  • Procedural: usage of the RangeDataSource, ClockDataSource and ArrayDataSource to create procedural streaming Expression values .
  • RESTFul API: usage of a RestAPIDataSource to create streaming Expression values from the Github API
  • SQL: usage of a SQLDataSource to create streaming Expression values from an example SQL database.

Pipeline projects#

  • Pipelines: usage of Pipelines to apply operations such as FilterOperation, AggregateOperation, JoinOperation, SelectOperation to transform data.

Plugin projects#

Machine learning projects#

  • Machine Learning: usage of MLFunction to predict unknown functions from data records.

Option projects#

  • Sensitivity: usage sensitivity Options to understand how much impact pricing decisions have on maximising profit.
  • Automatic: usage of automatic Options to find the optimal pricing choice to maximise profit.
  • Manual: usage of manual Options to explore the impact of manually adjustying different properties of a sales process.
  • Queues: usage of automatic Options to optimise a complex queueing process.

Application projects#

  • Visuals : an example documenting usage of Pages, Visuals and Seriess to visualise data in a secure web application.


For general usage and code examples we provide the following detailed documentation:

  • EDK CLI: detailed CLI usage reference and examples
  • EDK API: programmatic api for the cli functionality

Release Notes#


@elaraai/edk-examples v3.9.1


  • Updated datasource/rest example to demonstrate use of the failure variable in schema



  • Added minimum Node engine support to be 16.x
  • Upgraded Typescript to version 4.6

@elaraai/edk-examples v3.9.0


  • Changed the examples which use a REST API Datasource to use the new structure


@elaraai/edk-examples v3.8.3-3


  • Added customisation of Application and VisualList to Visual Example in edk-examples.


  • Update all examples with removal of predict predicate in Process, Resource and Agent entities.

[Version 1]#

Initial public release.