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How is ELARA used?

To use ELARA, developers can install the ELARA Development Kit Command-Line Interface (EDK CLI) and Libraries (EDK Core). The EDK CLI and Core provide all of the tools necessary to manage the full life-cycle of Prescriptive Solutions. In this lesson thie high level steps for creating, deploying and reusing Prescriptive Solutions will be defined to demonstrate how ELARA is used.

Creating Solutions

You can use the EDK CLI and Core you can define and deploy a Prescriptive Solution in 5 steps.

Combining Solutions

You can also use the EDK CLI and Core to reuse and combine Prescriptive Solutions in 5 steps.

Next Steps

Congratulations, you've now completed the Platform Essentials course. With the completion of this course, you are equipped with an understanding of the capabilities and benefits of the ELARA platform, and how you to use the ELARA Platform at a high-level.