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What is ELARA?

ELARA AI is a business insights platform that uses AI and advanced mathematics to unlock the full potential of business operations. With the ELARA Platform, Developers can create code-based Prescriptive Solutions which ingest data and automatically apply

Machine Learning, Modelling and Simulation and Mathematical Optimization to prescribe business insights. Business users and/or systems interact with the ELARA Platform through a Web UI, or API, and embed business improvement by actioning insights in decision making.

ELARA Platform

What are the business benefits of ELARA?

The ELARA Platform results in direct improvement to business performance through the following benefits.

Data-driven insightThe ELARA Platform continuously feeds data from business systems to generate deep business insights, maximizing value from data.
Performance Oriented DecisionsThe business understands what specific operational actions should be taken in the future to achieve the best possible business performance.
Risk-minimised ImprovementThe business is shown the what strategic changes should be made, and in what order, that will result in the optimal performance.
Re-usable DigitisationOnce a prescriptive solution is created it can be reused and combined into other solutions to achieve business improvement cost effectively.

What technical features does ELARA offer?


Elara Development Kit and ELARA Platform provide the end-to-end features necessary to create, deploy and manage prescriptive solutions.

Data-driven business modellingUse a data-oriented business language to digitize a business from high level definitions and available live or offline system data.
AutoMLEffortlessly train and use cutting-edge Automated Machine Learning models to further simplify modelling.
Mathematical SimulationAutomatic simulation recreates what happened within the business in the past and predicts what is likely to happen in the future.
Scenario analysisAdd, remove, or change parts of the business almost instantly and see how this would change the business and performance.
Equation-less OptimisationAutomatic mathematical optimisation calculates what actions to take to achieve the best possible business performance.
API or Web UI IntegrationInsights, metrics and every data point is observable through a Web-UI or into other digitals systems via the API.
Templatised DigitisationReuse templatised solutions, each solution is reusable and can be combined with other solutions to create other solutions.
Developer tools and CLISolutions can be created, deployed, and managed with the libraries and a CLI available in

Next Steps

Now that you understand the capabilities of the ELARA Platform at a high-level, continue to the next tutorial to understand the benefits of using ELARA.