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What is a DataSink?

So far in this learning course, you have been using the edk stream get command in the command-line to export data from a Datastream in a live Solution. However, you often want to automate the export of data (typically to destination systems and databases), so you need a reliable and defineable method to export data continuously from live Solutions running on ELARA Platform.

A Datasink is a Component of a Solution that exports data from a BlobType Datastream to external systems. Datasinks are designed to support live-streaming of data. As data in a Solution changes, Datasinks consume this data and export it via Task instances.

You define a Datasink Template Component using the

SinkBuilder() class from EDK Core. SinkBuilder() is supported with methods to allow you to export data via different communication protocols, including FTP and HTTP POST requests.

Next Steps

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next tutorial to define a Datasink to send data via FTP.